Top 13 travel destinations of Rajasthan

Top 13 travel destinations of Rajasthan

Rajasthan, the Land of the Kings, is undoubtedly one of the most attractive tourist destinations for tourists across the globe. Being the largest state in the country, it has had the fortune of being home to numerous rulers in the past. From the spiritual Ghats to the historical shrines and from regal palaces to the aesthetic landscapes, the state has it all! Owing to its stature of a princely state.The royal state of India is dotted with forts and palace that depict the glory of this princely state. There are many famous places to visit in Rajasthan, and each of them offers some unique attractions. Jaisalmer fairy-tale desert outpost, Amber’s honey-hued fort-palace, and Jodhpur’s imposing Mehrangarh, to name just a few. What makes for a complete Rajasthan trip is more than just the royal abodes. 

Top cities for Travel in Rajasthan:

1.Bharatpur: Bharatpur occupies an area of Rajasthan that is adjacent to Madya Pradesh. This area is largely occupied by the Jat people. During the 17th century the Jats of this region became a major military force. Leaders like Badan Singh brought the Jats together and his successor Suraj Mal who was the greatest ruler of Bharatpur. Raja Suraj Mal built the Bharatpur fort in 1732, he also joined hands with the Marathas and helped them occupy Delhi. Later rulers of this once great state failed to live up to the founding fathers. One of the rulers, Maharaja Kishan Singh even made the state bankrupt and the British intervened. During the early 1900’s one of the rulers of Bharatpur turned up at a car dealers in Mayfair. He inquired about several expensive cars but the young salesman was rather rude to the Maharaja. The manager of the showroom was summoned by the Maharaja and he bought several cars and he insisted that the young salesman accompany them to India. On arrival at Bharatpur the salesman spent hours polishing the Rolls Royce cars. The Maharaja then strolled up to the cars and ordered that they be used as scrap.

2.Bikaner:Bikaner (also known as the Camel City or Camel Country) is a famous tourist destination in Rajasthan, India. This city is also known for its shopping attractions. The city of Bikaner is best known for camel products which include leather items (footwear, belts, fancy jutis, etc), wool carpets and Bikaner blankets, light cotton quilts, and dyed cotton fabrics. Bikaner is also known for mouth-watering cuisine such as mixture, snacks, etc.

3.Chittaurgarh: The Epitome of Romance and Valour. The pride and glory of Rajasthan, Chittaur echoes with the tales of romance and valour unique to the Rajput tradition. A ruined citadel, where the royal past lives in its imposing forts, graceful palaces and spectacular chhatris. Alauddin Khilji was the first to sack Chittaur in 1303 A.D., overpowered by a passionate desire to possess the regal beauty, queen Padmini. Legend has it, that he saw her face in the reflection of a mirror and was struck by her mesmerising beauty. But the noble queen preferred death to dishonour and committed ‘Jauhar’. In 1533 A.D., during the rule of Bikramjeet, came the second attack from Bahadur Shah, the Sultan of Gujarat. Once again Jauhar was led by Rani Karnavati, a Bundi princess. Her infant son, Udai Singh was smuggled out of Chittaur to Bundi who survived to inherit the throne of the citadel. He learnt from his traumatic childhood that discretion is preferred to valour. So, in 1567 A.D., when the Mughal Emperor invaded Chittaur, Udai Singh fled to establish a new Capital, Udaipur – a beautiful lake city, leaving behind Chittaur to be defended by two 16 year old heroes, Jaimal of Bednore and Patta of Kelwa. These young men displayed true Rajput chivalry and died after ‘Jauhar’ was performed. Immediately thereafter Akbar razed the fort to a rubble. Chittaur was never inhabited again but it always asserted the heroic spirit of Rajput warriors.

4.Jaipur: Jaipur is considered to be the top of the list for tourists, domestic as well as international. Jaipur is one of the most important tourist destinations in India and has something to greet all types of tourists – culture, heritage, wildlife, adventure, pilgrimage, etc. The city is well-known for its outstanding architecturally beautiful forts & palaces, stunning temples, and exotic culture. The fascination of Jaipur never fails to allure its visitors. You can too experience the fascination of Pink City – Jaipur, on your tours to Jaipur city, with Top India Trips.

5. Jaisalmer:Jaisalmer (also known as the Golden City of India) is a famous tourist destination in Rajasthan, India. This city is also known for its shopping attractions. The city is best known for exquisite handicrafts, beautifully carved wooden boxes, woolen and cotton clothes & blankets, embroidered fabrics, silver jewellery and mouth-watering cuisine.

6. Jodhpur:Jodhpur (also known as the Blue City of India or Sun City) is a popular tourist destination of Rajasthan, India. Predominantly famous for massive Mehrangarh Fort, the city is also known for its shopping attractions, such as, exquisite handicrafts, wooden toys, leather items, fancy jutis, silver jewellery, water flask and many more.

7. Kota: Kota, one of the major tourist destinations of Rajasthan, is also famous for its shopping attractions, such as, Kota doriyas (small checked-weave cotton sarees in light floral prints, handicrafts, and many more.

8.Mandawa: Mandawa provides the visitors with a sense of discovery at every turn; battlements that offer spectacular views of the town below, a whimsical peacock weather van, and an arched window that overlooks the verdant garden visited by peacocks. Most importantly, the fact that no two rooms are alike in the palace here. In the zenana or women’s quarters, one room offers antique murals, another has a marble fountain, and the turret room boasts of walls that are seven feet thick. Looking out from the window of the turret room, it is easy to imagine the marauding bandits that once roamed freely here. Little wonder then that the family crest contains the motto, ‘Veer Bhogya Vasundhara’, which translates into ‘the brave shall inherit the earth. Founded in the 18th century, the medieval fort of Mandawa dominates the town with a painted arched gateway adorned with Lord Krishna and his cows. The Chokhani and Ladia havelis and the street with Saraf havelis are some of the splendid examples of this region’s havelis. The Binsidhar Newatia Haveli has some curious paintings on its outer eastern wall-a boy using a telephone, and a European woman in a car driven by a chauffeur. The Gulab Rai Ladia Haveli has some defaced erotic images.

9. Neemrana: The Neemrana Fort Palace is situated on a majestic plateau concealed in a horseshoe formation of the Aravalli ranges, considered the oldest fold mountains in the world. The beginnings of this rugged architectural jewel which rises to nine levels, date back to 1464 AD, making it India’s oldest heritage resort. Conveniently located just off the Delhi Jaipur highway, Neemrana is Rajasthan’s closest palace to India’s capital. Today the property cover 10 hectares/25 acres. Forty two well-appointed rooms, furnished in an eclectic mixture of traditional Indian and colonial furniture, welcome discerning travellers. Evocative public spaces lend themselves to memorable overnight conferences. In the short period since Neemrana opened its doors to the world, it has earned a reputation for its Rajasthani and French cuisines

10. Pushkar:Pushkar is a small but beautiful town of Rajasthan, India. The little town of Pushkar is predominantly famous for its religious importance and Pushkar fairs & festivals and offers an exciting opportunity to shopping activities. Shopping attractions of Pushkar in Rajasthan, India include exotic fabrics, exquisite handicrafts, embroideries, utensils, trinkets, blankets, shawls, terracotta pots, silver jewellery, bangles, beads and other baubles.

11.Sawai Madhopur: Lying on the main Delhi-Mumbai railway line, Swai Madhopur is the gateway to the world renowned Ranthambhor National Park– the famous Tiger Reserve, just 12 km away from here. Ranthambhor has been a witness to the rise and fall of many rulers and a series of battle scenes. In the 13th century A.D. Govinda, the grandson of Prithviraj Chauhan took over the reign of the land. Later his successor Vagabhatta, beautified the city and built a noteworthy temple at Jhain. In the middle of the 15th century A.D. Rana Kumbha captured the fort and gifted it to his son to be occupied later by the Hada Rajputs of Bundi and Mughal Emperors Akbar and Aurangazeb. Mughal Emperor Shah Alam gifted it to Maharaja Sawai Madho Singh I of Jaipur in 1754 and since then it was maintained as the hunting preserve of the Maharaja. Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh were part of the royal hunting who stayed here.

12. Shekhawati:The Shekhawati region of Rajasthan is considered to be one of the popular tourist destinations of India. Shopping attractions of Shekhawati region include low-legged chair, wood carvings, furniture, metal utensils and tie-dye fabrics.

13. Udaipur:Udaipur – the city of sunrise (also known as City of Lake or Romantic City) is one of the most popular tourist destinations of Rajasthan, India. The city of dawn, Udaipur is predominantly famous for its elegant forts & palaces, breathtakingly beautiful lakes and beautiful gardens. The city also offers exciting opportunity for shopping activities. Shopping attractions of Udaipur include paintings of miniature, terracotta items, locally dyed fabrics, textiles, exquisite handicraft, embroideries, wooden toys, white metal items, silver jewellery, silver enamel artifact and many more.

Shopping Palace in Rajasthan

Shopping in Rajasthan, India, provides a unique experience. The state of Rajasthan, India is popularly known as Shopper’s Paradise. Shopping in Rajasthan offers a wide range of shopping attractions, such as, exquisite handicrafts, jewellery, and many things. Your tours to Rajasthan will be incomplete without visiting the illuminating and vivacious bazaars of Rajasthan, India. If truth be told, shopping experience in the state of Rajasthan, India makes your tours to Rajasthan, India a complete travel experience. Shopping in Rajasthan is full of color, variety and excitement.
Shopping is supposed to be an art and fun too. White you are traveling in the vibrant and colorful state of Rajasthan, India you will surely to indulge yourself in exploring this fine art of shopping and to enjoy the fun part of shopping. In one line, Rajasthan is a fantastic shopping destination in India. Top India Trips is describing some of major shopping destinations of Rajasthan, India.

Travel Tips of Rajasthan

Rajasthan is the desert land of India. Tours to Rajasthan can be an excellent and memorable experience of your life. To make your traveling in Rajasthan memorable, Top India Trips provides some certain travel tips of Rajasthan. Bear in mind certain travel tips of Rajasthan and enjoy tours to Rajasthan in more and more comfortable way.
• Best time to visit the desert land of Rajasthan is from October to April. The climate of Rajasthan is warm and humid. Summers are very hot in the desert state of Rajasthan, India. So carry light cotton clothes, sunglasses, hats, sunscreen and umbrellas while traveling in Rajasthan during summer. During winter, carry light woolen clothes.
• The water served in local roadside restaurants may not be safe. So avoid drinking water outside. Always carry bottled mineral water. Don’t eat roadside local restaurants. It may not suit your system.
• It is advisable to always keep your passport, visa, plane ticket, money and camera with you. Beware of pick-pockets.
• Almost all the hotels, restaurants, shops and emporiums of Rajasthan accept major credit cards. Always exchange your money from authorized money exchange companies. Some hotel also offers money exchange services.
• While visiting heritage attractions or temples follow their decorum. Shoes and pets are not allowed in Indian Hindu Temples. So put your footwear outside the temples while visiting. At some place photography may be prohibited. Read the notice boards carefully before taking photographs and if photography is prohibited don’t break the rules.
• At some places smoking or drinking are prohibited. Smoking and drinking are not allowed everywhere. You must follow these rules. Using drugs are prohibited in India. So dont carry, purchase or use drugs.

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