Assistance on Arrival and Departure service in India Tour

Assistance on Arrival and Departure service in India Tour

When you plan to visit India, you will get assistance on arrival and Departure service from the Airport or Railway Station as per your given the details. After the customs declaration form is needed only if you have anything dutiable goods to declare and it is not required for everyone. Please complete all the forms and keep them ready to show. Then you will have to stand in line for immigration clearance at the airport. Give the arrival card (if applicable) and customs forms to the airport officer. They will return your passport and stamped customs form. An officer will check to make sure you have the required passport, visa, etc., and will stamp your passport as proof that you legally entered India on a given date of arrival. Make sure your passport is stamped and has the correct date before you leave immigration counter. Then you will come at the exit point of the airport and our representative of Top India Trips will meet with your name card and will assist you from the airport to your respective hotel.

Included Transfers

When you book an air inclusive package,  your airport transfers are included at destinations, on the same arrival and departure date as pre-set for our tour. Upon arrival, please collect your baggage and proceed through Customs to where a Top India Trips representative will be waiting with a Top India Trips placard. Airport transfers can be purchased separately if your arrival and departure date is earlier/later than the group, or if you have purchased a land only package.

If your flight is delayed or if you miss your connecting flight, please speak immediately to the airline check-in counter personnel located within the airport. After you reschedule your flight, please notify our staff of your new flight schedule immediately at the following emergency only numbers, (please be aware of the time difference) adding 011.

Top India Trips (24/7 help line number)

Mobile / WhatsApp: +91-93-55-3366-79 (Mrs. Julle)

Mobile / WhatsApp: +91-93-55-3366-87 (Mr. Raj kumar)



Our transfer staff in destination(s) will monitor your flight arrival time prior to airport pick-up. However, if your original flight is changed due to a missed connection, mechanical or weather reason, please notify Top India Trips Hotline number or email above. Be sure to specify your name, tour code and name of the tour when contacting Top India Trips Hotlines, otherwise we cannot locate your booking record.

Emergency local contact will be provided to you on your final documents prior to departure.  Should you have trouble locating our representative and/or driver for your arrival transfer, please make sure you call the emergency number and follow their instruction before you leave the airport. Airport information desk is normally happy to assist you to make the local contact.  Please do not follow any random transfers services as they might pretend they will help you and try to sell you their services.

On Your Own Transfers

If Top India Trips is not providing you with group transfers or if you miss your transfer for some reason, proceed directly to your hotel in Delhi (NCR).

Taxi Information: Delhi (NCR)

The taxi fare from airport to your hotel is about $15 – $20 (800 – 1200 INR, usually accepted in INR only). It’s a 30 to 40-minute drive depending on traffic. You do not need to negotiate the fare before getting into the taxi if booked from the pre-paid taxi counters situated in the arrival hall. But look for the taxi service with reasonable rates and not trying to talking you into luxury or limousine services.

Getting a cab at the airport is very easy. Walk up to the taxi counters and book a pre-paid taxi to your hotel. Please be sure to ask for the receipt and write down the taxi license number in case of forgotten luggage.

If necessary, we recommend you use the following taxi companies from/to Delhi airport:

  1. Meru Cab TAXI – Tel: (+91 -114-422-4422)
  2. Mega Cab TAXI – Tel: (+91-11 4-141-4141)
  3. Pre – Paid Taxi Service – Kiosks only, managed by local traffic police

Top India Trips will provide free ARRIVAL transfers to all passengers booked on Land Only packages if you provide your international flight details to facilitate assisted arrival transfer at Delhi airport.

Hotel Contact Information

Refer to the “Contact Information” page in your final document package to see which hotel you will stay at first. The hotel name and address are listed in English. Note: The actual hotel you will stay in may be different from the hotel listed on the Top India Trips website. The hotel appearing in the “Contact Information” is the hotel.

Hotel Check-in for “Land only”

If you are taking care of your own transfer from the airport to your hotel, please head to the reception upon arrival at the hotel. Check in by providing your name and tour code. The hotel has been notified of your independent arrival and will assist you with check-in. In the unlikely event that the hotel has trouble retrieving your booking, please have them call our Top India Trips India Hotline at the number specified above. Your guide is aware of your independent arrival at the hotel and will contact you when the main group arrives, or leave you a message at check in or in your room with instructions.

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