Best shopping places while traveling to India

Best shopping places while traveling to India

Shopping is always an integral part of international tourism, and India is well-known as a bargain shopper’s paradise. India is abundant in marvelous selections of arts and crafts, textile, carpets and silk, embroidery, marble, brass handicrafts and statues, Jewellery and paintings etc.


Buy in the tourist store or shop on the street?

Good question. For big purchases, you may wish to shop in the larger stores because the quality of the product is guaranteed. If there is a problem with your purchase, you should get a refund or exchange within two to four months, depending on the vendor. Use your credit card for large purchases because you can rely on your credit card company if there is any problem. It is a good idea to always buy insurance for the more expensive purchases that you ship back home. For less important, less expensive items, you may prefer to buy from street vendors or small street shops. You may find the exact same thing for a lower price; however, in most cases, even though the item looks similar, the quality greatly depends on where you buy it – and that is a part of your Travel experience.

For your convenience, we List the “specialties” and the cities where they are famous for them. You might have a shopping opportunity in those cities, provided the shopping is related to a learning experience. Due to the busy itinerary of your trip, each shopping stop listed below is strictly limited to a maximum of one hour. Please note: Top India Trips is NOT involved in your shopping and this guideline is provided solely for your convenience.


Local Specialties: Marble figurines, marble table tops and saucers with pietra-durra work. Also famous for a specialty sweet called “Petha” made from puréed fruit.

During your stay in Agra, you will have a chance to visit a marble workshop which is located near your hotel.


Local Specialties: Textile, Kashmiri carpets woven in traditional handloom, hand stamped fabrics, shoes, silk, embroidered and pashmina shawls, blue pottery, paintings and jewelry.  If a pashmina is what you want to purchase, the quality, variety and value can not be found elsewhere on this tour.

During your stay in Jaipur, you will have an opportunity to visit a workshop for textiles and fabric.


Local Specialties: Varanasi is the silk weaving center of north India. Here you will find silk transformed into colorful scarves, shawls, and banarasi silk sarees. Varanasi is also famous for brass and wood handicrafts.


If you are confused over what to buy for yourself as a souvenir or a gift for someone back home, then visit the enchantingly quaint little curio shops in Kochi city of Kerala. These shops sell small knick-knacks, which are characteristic of the South Indian city. Since Kochi is well known for its handicrafts, you will find a unique assortment of items like figurines, colorful bead jewelry, mat, bangles et al made from coir, wood, bamboo, shells, brass, ivory and sandalwood.


In Mumbai, you can find the latest outfits, unique furniture, delicate brass work, exquisite paintings, home furnishings and so much more! There are many malls in Mumbai that not only comprise of shops, but food courts and entertainment zones as well.

‘Colaba Causeway’ is a huge local market situated in Colaba where you can get just about everything! Originally known as ‘Shor Bazaar’, which means ‘noisy market’, the ‘Chor Bazaar’ is situated on Mutton Street and is one of the oldest markets in Mumbai. If you are looking for handicrafts, jewelry, brass items, outfits and more, then ‘Linking Road’ is the best option for you.

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