8 best healthy tips before plan your summer vacation in India

8 best healthy tips before plan your summer vacation in India

Summer vacation in India usually for the school holidays of children, keeping in mind that many parents plan for his vacation to move around with the family. If you too are also planning to go out with your friends, family and kids this summer, given below tips will be very useful for you to make a plan for your holidays.

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1.Clothes and Sunglasses for Summer vacation

If you plan to travel in summer, then give priority to casual clothes, such as cotton clothes, loose kurtas and tops, as well as footwear should be more comfortable than fashion. Apart from this, keep sunglasses with you to protect the eyes from sunlight and do not forget to take sunscreen to protect the skin from sunlight.

2.Avoid to eat streets food or Junk food

Try not to eat anything from the stalls on the streets and if you eat, then you must take a look at the cleanliness and hygiene there. Because there is a high probability of food poisoning in this season.

3.Order healthy food with cold liquids like Juices, water

During the summer months, heat and sweat can leave your body dehydrated. An absence of water in your body can harm your body and may also cause you to crave food when you are not actually hungry. it’s incredibly important to stay yourself hydrated by drinking a minimum of eight to nine glasses of water each day . Try adding some slices of cucumber or lemon for a fresh flavour.

4. Keep Necessary medicines

Keep some medicines with you before going for a walk. Such as indigestion, headache, vomiting pill, glucose etc.

5.Keep small pillow for comfort travel

If you have to travel for many hours while sitting in a car, plane or bus, keep a small pillow with you, so that you will not have any kind of discomfort in the back or neck.

6.Do not too hurry, Enjoy your tour vacation

If you are going to roam in your personal car or commercial car, then to avoid fatigue, stop and take a break and enjoy the journey.

7.Always carry cold drinking water or liquids

Do not ignore drinking water during travel, especially in summer. Otherwise you may have dehydration problem.

8.Take light snacks throughout the journey.

Whether you are travelling to the beach or have a long trip ahead on the road, pack healthy snacks to bring along with you, like:

Pre-cut veggies and fruit with hummus, Homemade granola bars, Raw, unsalted nuts, Hard-boiled eggs and full up on veggies.

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