Best tiger safari in India: Ranthambore Wildlife Sanctuary

Best tiger safari in India: Ranthambore Wildlife Sanctuary

Ranthambore, in the state of Rajasthan, is one of the smallest Project Tiger reserves. Its name comes from the vast fort that stands in the middle of the forest. The name Ranthambore is derived from two hills in the area, Ran and Thanbhor. Another version says that Ranthambhore was once called Rana Stambhapura or City of the Pillars of War!
The Ranthambhore National Park at the junction of the Aravalis and the Vindhayas is a unique juxtaposition of the natural and historical richness, standing out conspicuously in the vast, arid and denuded tract of eastern Rajasthan, barely 14 kms. from Sawai Madhopur. The elegant Ranthambhore fort called the Jogi Mahal is now the forest rest house.
It spreads over a highly undulating topography varying from the gentle to the steep slopes; from flat topped hills of the Vindhayas to the conical hillocks and the sharp ridges of the Aravalis. An important geological feature the ‘Great Boundary Fault’ where the Vindhaya plateaus meet the Aravali hill ranges, meanders through the reserve. The National Park is bounded by the rivers Chambal in the South and the Banas in the North. Pure stands of the Dhok interspersed with open grasslands of the plateaus, six large lakes – Gilai Sagar, Mansarovar, Malik talao, Raj Bagh and Padam Talao with in the National Park.

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Same day Ranthambore tour our experienced driver and guide cum representative will take you to the guided tour of the National Park. The full day sightseeing you will execute the day as follows:

Jungle Safari in Ranthambore National Park


Jungle Safari to the Ranthambore National Park will be the first activity of the day where you can watch tigers and giant mammals in full action as with the dawn of the day they all come out for their routine activity. Herd of Deer, Wild Buffalos and hunting by Tigers are some of the major attraction in the park visit while you are sitting in your canter or personal jeep. You will come back to the resort for lunch in the afternoon

* You must wear strong and effective sunscreen to protect against direct sunrays with pair of eye gear.

Ranthambore Fort

Later half of the day you will cover the Ranthambore fort which is now an abandoned place and lacking proper care & maintenance. But after a little low sun, enjoying bird watching form its roof is major attraction among tourists.

After evening tea and snacks you will be transported back to the place of your origin as per pre-decided schedule with the help of driver.

Geographical Details
Longitude: From 76-23-00 E to 76-39-00 E
Latitude: From 25-54-00 N to 26-12-00 N
Average rainfall: 800mm
Temperature: Min 4, Max 47 (deg. cel.)
Area details:
Total area: 392.5 sq. kms.
Ranthambhore National Park (core) 274.50 sq. kms.
Buffer area to R.N.P. 118.00 sq. kms.
Opening Time
The Park is open from 1st October till 30th June.
Seasons and Climate:
Cold: October to March (Min less than 10 degrees Celsius) good animal sightings. Best time for bird watching.
Warm: April to June (Max 40 degrees Celsius) excellent animal sightings.
Wet: July to September (National Park is closed) Happy hours.
Light cotton clothes in warm weather. Raincoat in wet weather. Woolens and jackets in cold weather.
Preferably wear neutral and earthy coloured clothes.

Opening time
1st October to 30th June.
Note: Advisable to carry camera and binoculars.

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