Don’t forget to keep 10 important things before the trips

Don’t forget to keep 10 important things before the trips

If you are planning for the trips to India or any part of the world tour then than you don’t forget to carry 10 important things in your bag. But before that you should have keep it mind as below things:

  • How to pack things in your luggage?
  • How to pack a luggage so that everything will fits in your bag?
  • How to pack correctly and compactly in a suitcase so that everything fits?
  • Most important, always carry light baggage so that you can enjoy your trips to India.


Now you are ready for India Trips and trust you have already issue the visa for India (You can apply online visa from the government of India Visa website ( and already buy the travel Insurance.


There are 10 important things to carry before the trips, which should be in your bag.


  1. Power Bank in the trips

Smartphone is very important and very useful in these days for most of the traveler. Because, if anyone travelling then they use to have travel picture for their memories and Smartphone is very import to have picture and to share the travel pictures with your friends and social media platform. Also there are many more uses in the time of travelling. Due to this, battery will not go long and for that you have to keep in charge your Smartphone. So keep a power bank facility in your bag so that you can easily charge the phone if there is no electricity.

  1. Mini Wireless Router for the trips

It is very difficult to access planning without internet. So instead of relying on the phone’s data, also manage a mini wireless router. It will help you to access more date to use during the trips.

  1. Multi Pin Cable

If you are travelling in the group with your friends and families then try to keep a multi pin cable in the bag. With this, all of them can charge your phone or any gadgets and it will very easy to transferring the data together.

  1. Selfie Stick during the tour

Selfie stick is also very important during the travel. It will help you to have good photographs for you and the group. This will be of great use to you during photography.


  1. Paper Soap

In the time of travelling, be sure to keep paper soap in your bag. The fine-looking paper soap will be very useful for you on the whole trips.


  1. First Aid Kit for the trip

Generally you will the medical shop in major cities but for the precaution, it is very important to have a mini first aid kit in the bag. This kit will protect you if there is a small injury on the way. In addition to medicine, there will be many things besides Dettol, scissors, bandage. Or if you have any health issue then you must carry a medical kit on your journey. These medical kits are not very expensive and you will get them easily at any medical store.


  1. Waterproof Pouches

In the time of travelling, you always have to travel one cities to another cities and little difficult to keep dry to cloth. For that you should keep waterproof pouches for the safety of the other cloths and your Smartphone also. The waterproof pouch will save your phone from the rain, while you are travelling in raining season.


  1. Toothbrush and Comb

Also keep the facility of toothbrush and comb in your bag. These things are very much needed in the morning for every person. We suggest that you make a cosmetic kit for yourself and first of all put it in your bag at the time of packing for the tour.

  1. Sleep Mask

In the time of traveling, your body does not get enough rest. Then you can apply a sleep mask to the eyes for a good sleep in flight or at the time of the journey. This will make you feel very relaxed and more energetic during the trips.

  1. Sunglasses

After reaching the tourist place, people often prefer to stay in the camp due to the strong sunlight. So keep a sunglass in your bag so that you don’t have any problem in moving around and keep it safe.

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